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Contact Lenses

The last years have seen extensive change in contact lens technology. These changes include higher quality, more modern design, lower-maintenance materials and all-around optimization of manufacturing procedures.

Innovative contact lenses for maximum comfort

There are now many different products available to provide a maximum of comfort to our eyes. We are happy to help you achieve an overview of the offers and to choose the contact lenses that suit your individual requirements best.

The increased use of computers and smartphones with high-definition screens is fast becoming a challenge for our eyes. Quick changes of viewpoint and close distance to the devices used can cause excessive fatigue. This fatigue of the eyes can lead to instability of the tear film and blurred vision and can amplify existing problems such as dryness. A remedy are special lenses which are oxygen-permeable and can provide relief during everyday working life.

What we offer:

  • Initial guidance and testing for contact lens suitability
  • 3D imaging of the corneal surface and individual fitting
  • Choice of the right product for sport, leisure, work, driving etc.
  • Daily lenses, monthly lenses, yearly lenses
  • New oxygen-permeable lenses suitable for dry eyes
  • Special lenses for corneal diseases

We will be happy to advise you! Of course we will fit your lenses individually and will ensure a perfect fit. Contact us at 01 / 535 1002!

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