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Aesthetic Medicine

Eye cosmetics and eyelid lifting in 1010 Vienna

Aesthetic medicine offers attractive solutions and effective treatment for the correction of visual irregularities. So-called "drooping eyelids" and weakening of the skin in the area of the eyelids occur frequently and require precise surgery techniques to avoid injury to the sensitive eye area.


Cosmetics, aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery for more beautiful eyes

We can advise you on questions about cosmetics, aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery. Years of international experience and extensive expert knowledge are our hallmarks. Surgery is carried out at Vienna's private hospitals.

We are on hand to support you with all our expert knowledge before and after surgery and we will ensure through follow-up treatment and check-ups that the healing process goes smoothly.


Cosmetics instead of eye surgery

Surgery is often unnecessary, as modern cosmetics offers interesting alternatives we will be happy to show you. A skilled expert who is also working for TV shows, among others, is available to answer your questions about cosmetics, make-up and eye care products and will readily offer her expert advice.

We can also provide specialists for permanent make-up who will help your eyes shine again in no time.

Call us at 01 / 535 1002 to arrange an appointment. We are looking forward to meeting you!

Eye Centre Tuchlauben in 1010 Vienna will be glad to advise you on all questions about eye cosmetics.