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Eye Centre Tuchlauben - Ophthalmology Practice in 1010 Vienna


We are pleased to welcome you to our website, where you can find information about our practice as well as an overview of the services we offer.


Introduction to our ophthalmology practice

The Eye Centre Tuchlauben is located in a prime location in the city centre of Vienna and will be open from January 2015. In the Tuchlaubenhof of the so-called Golden Quarter of Vienna, you will find a spacious and modern practice, a professional team and medical competence at the highest level.

Ophthalmologists Dr. Alexander Fous and Dr. Sheila Fous offer their patients a varied range of services covering all fields of ophthalmology as well as aesthetic surgery.

In addition, we offer driving licence testing and airworthiness testing according to the current Austrocontrol regulations. One focus of our work, among others, are special examinations for expectant mothers and children. Find out about our services in more detail here.


Our private practice offers the best service for you and your eyes

Our Eye Centre is a private practice. This means that we will charge you for our services. However, you have the option to hand our bills with your social insurance agency in order to get part of the costs reimbursed. We will gladly assist you with all aspects of organization!

The concept of a private practice gives us independence, something our patients benefit from in particular. We are able to advise you personally and in detail, without being pushed for time, and to address your individual needs. We will take the necessary time to not only treat problems superficially, but to find out potential underlying root causes.


Quick scheduling of appointments

Our private practice allows us to act with flexibility. We schedule our appointments with the help of special organizational management, which enables our patient to arrange short-term appointments, even on the same day and examinations without any waiting in the practice.

Do you have any questions about our services or would you like to schedule an appointment? We are looking forward to speaking to you at 01 / 535 1002.

Eye Centre Tuchlauben in 1010 Vienna